Benefits Of Chia Seeds For Memory Enhancement


What is chia seedDoctors and nutrition experts are reminding the public to be sure and include a sufficient amount of essential fatty acids in their normal diets.

The main essential fatty acids (EFA) are omega-3 and omega-6, and they are essential to proper development and functioning of brains.

Since chia seeds provide a good supply of these nutrients, have you explored the nutritional benefits of simple chia seeds for memory enhancement?

What Are Typical Sources Of Essential Fatty Acids?

EFAs like omega-3 and omega-6 might be found in some typical types of food that you consume regularly.

These nutrient rich food sources include fish, leafy green vegetables, and some kinds of nuts. In an ideal world, everybody would consumer this type of food each day.

However, it is often difficult to consume enough of these types of food every day to make sure that your diet contains enough off these EFA’s to really provide effective support of your brain function.

It is also difficult to insure that your family eats enough of this type of diet in order to stay healthy. People may have to compromise on their diets when they travel to school or work.

Why Consider Chia Seeds For Memory Enhancement?

Many of you first learned about chia seeds because they produced the sprouts on those cute little figures called chia pets.

Chia pets were very popular for awhile, and you can still find hem sold in stores.

In fact, those charming little figures may be your only exposure to these nutritious seeds.

What you may not know is that plant is edible, historically important, originated in Mexico, and is a member of the mint family.

Before attempting to explain how these seeds may help you improve your memory, let me present a short history of edible chia seeds.

They actually have a very interesting history. This explanation may also help me explain the health benefits and help you understand what including them in your own diet might provide you.

The seeds are actually packed with nutrition, and they are used both for their health and medicinal benefits.What is chia seed

In fact, these seeds were an important part of the diet of both the Mayans and Aztecs.

It is said that Aztec warriors relied upon these seeds to provide them with nutrition during their battle campaigns.Most of us do not have to lead as demanding a life as ancient Aztec warriors.

Besides being a huge part of the normal diet in Mexico during historical times, they were also used to relieve pain and increase saliva in a dry mouth.

But when the Spanish conquered the area they banned these useful plants because they associated them with the native’s religious practices without regard for their health and nutritional benefits.

The conquerors saw them being used in religious ceremonies and totally ignored any potential benefits these useful and nutritious plants had. This was a big loss for the invaders and the native inhabitants.

Production of these plants declined in Mexico, but it was never entirely neglected.

Some natives and their descendants manage to preserve cultivation despite the ban. The overall decline in production still continued on for many years.

However, now chia seeds are being rediscovered just as the the invaders discovered the New World.

These seeds and plants gradually spread from Mexico into the American Southwest.

Now production has increased because they are being promoted as a very good source of a variety of essential nutrients. You can even find them sold online or in many health food stores.

Chia Seeds Can Build Your Brain Power

You can use Chia seeds For memory enhancement. Indeed, they may boost your physical health and your brain power in a variety of ways.

We all know that a healthy body supports a healthy mind in a number of ways. Since these powerful seeds help reduce inflammation, assist in detoxification, and provide fiber and essential nutrition, they can help keep you healthier.

Essential fatty acids (EFA) are known to boost brain power too. They help keep cell membranes flexible and assist in the efficient transmission of nerve signals.

Chia seeds provide a great source of EFA, and as such they can keep your brain operating at its optimum potential. Who wouldn’t like to have as much brain power as possible?

These seeds contain the nutrition you need to enhance both your concentration and your memory.

They may provide benefits to young people who need to do well in school or focus on a demanding job.

They may help improve the outlook for aging people who might feel as if their brain just does not work as well as it did when they were younger.

If you are concerned that your diet lacks essential fatty acids or that your brain does not function as well as it should, why not obtain chia seeds right away?



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