Are Natural Chia Seeds A Fat?


Chia SeedsChia seeds contain the healthy kind of essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 by weight, in volumes greater than a serving of salmon.

Essential fatty acids are crucial for reducing the potential of developing clogged arteries and heart disease.

When exposed to liquids (milk, water or juice), Chia seeds will increase in volume nearly 12 times their size and weight. When drank as a beverage, or blended in foods, the increased volume of Chia seeds helps to satisfy appetite.

The level of essential fats found in a three tablespoon serving of the seeds contains 12 grams of fat, of which only a single gram is saturated. In fact, the other 11 grams contain heart healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. The DV (daily value) for fat is 65 grams, making the seeds of the Chia plant (Salvia Hispanica) an ideal source for recommended daily intake of fats.

In addition to containing high quality fat essential for heart health, Chia seeds are nature’s perfect food in that it also contains soluble fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and protective antioxidants.

In fact, the seeds provide long-lasting endurance and stamina. It has been recognized as an efficient ‘super food’ because it produces lean muscle mass, supports cardiovascular health, and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Improving Heart Health

Organic Chia seedsThe seeds are highly effective at improving cardiovascular health. This is because of the high levels of essential fatty acids it contains, rich in alpha-linolenic acid.

This acid has been proven to minimize the potential of developing heart disease, hardening of the arteries, and the effects of angina.

The oil of the Chia seed contains upwards of 64 percent alpha-linolenic acid, which is higher than most lean meats and flaxseed.

Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

The soluble fiber in the seed of the Chia plant helps stabilize blood sugar levels, and reduces glucose swings offered suffered by diabetics. In fact, the soluble fiber of the Chia seed produces a stabilizing influence of glucose levels.

It does this by regulating the efficiency and rate of complex carbohydrates digested and assimilated in the bloodstream. The results create a stable, steady blood glucose level to produce constant amounts of energy.

Reducing Food Cravings

The fats and soluble fibers in Chia seeds help to reduce cravings for junk foods and suites. The soluble fiber tends to manage blood glucose levels over an extended period after consumption, to suppress appetite and minimize sugar level swings that often produce food cravings.

Oddly, due to a poor diet or long-term sugar blood level issues, many individuals have not experienced normal blood glucose regulation for years. Fortunately, Chia restores glucose level normalcy and increases stamina.

Improving Mental Acuity, Concentration And Focus

omega 3The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids rich in Chia seeds are highly effective at improving mental acuity, concentration and focus.

As an ideal brain food, the seeds of the Chia plant also contain anti-depressive properties.

The fats tend to increase the flexibility of cell membranes, to improve membrane function, and provide better nerve transmission in the transport of necessary nutrients into each cell. The essential fatty acids support the body’s nervous system to develop a higher level of brain function and better efficiency.

Promoting Lean Muscle Mass

As a high quality source of vegetable protein, Chia seeds tend to increase lean muscle mass. This makes it an ideal alternative product for individuals interested in losing weight, or require weight management. The seeds of the Chia plant are suitable for every dietary regimen and lifestyle eating and exercise habits, including intense workouts, vegetarian diets, and low-carb diets.

The fatty acids contained in the Chia plant boost the body’s metabolism, and contributes to maximum metabolic function, providing essential building blocks for constructing and maintaining lean muscle mass.

chia seedChia seeds are recognized as an exceptional functional food for many individuals, especially those that exhibit food sensitivities, food allergies, or chemical/food hypersensitivity.

Today, no evidence has been claimed of an allergic response to the consumption of Chia plans and seeds, even among people suffering from tree nut or peanut allergies.

The fats found in the Chia seeds are both healthy and necessary for maintaining quality health. When consumed on a daily basis, Chia seeds offer remarkable benefits to an individual’s heart, brain and cellular membranes throughout the body.


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