Are Chia Seeds Toxic? Or Safe?


chia seedsSome of us might be a little uncomfortable with the idea of eating chia seeds. We may associate them with those little chia toys we used to get when we where kids.

Don’t worry though, chia seeds are perfectly safe. Not only are they extremely safe, they also pack a huge nutritional punch. Of course, like any other food, you should eat them in moderation.


Chia seeds are jam packed with fiber. That’s why they make an excellent addition to any juicing recipe. Simply put the chia seeds in after you juice. They can add back the fiber that was taken out during the juicing process.


ProtienChia seeds are also loaded with protein. Worriers in South America used to eat them before going into battle. They certainly didn’t receive any toxic effect from the little seeds, and neither will you.

Why Some People Think They’re Toxic

Those who believe chia seeds are toxic probably developed this misconception from one of two ways. Either they were misinformed, or they simply ingested to many of them at one time. They’re loaded with fiber.

Fiber is something our body needs, but to0 much can be a bad thing. Too much fiber can cause intestinal blockage, and constipation. A great way to avoid this issue is to limit yourself to one table spoon a day. That’s also about as much as you’re supposed to add to a smoothie.

Certain Conditions Can Make Digesting Them Harder

fiberIrritable bowel syndrome is often aggravated by insoluble fiber. Those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome find it painful to go to the bathroom.

Chia seeds are loaded with insoluble fiber, so they can aggravate this condition. In a healthy person, there shouldn’t be an issue with digestion. That is, if you consume a normal amount.

A Way To Make Digesting Them Easier

If you’re really having trouble handling chia seeds you should grind them up first. This will make it a lot easier for your body to digest them. Plus, some people aren’t keen on the texture of a chia seeds.

Grinding them up can certainly solve this issue. Grinding up a chia seed does not effect its nutritional value at all. However, grinding them up will make it so that there is less metabolic energy involved in digestion. In other words, grinding them up could mean that you’re going to miss out on the metabolism boost.

A Neat Thing About Chia Seeds

chia seedsAre you a vegan that happens to be so strict you won’t eat gelatin? If so, you may enjoy one feature of the chia seed. When they’re submerged in water, they expand and create a jell-like substance around themselves.

This helps turn liquids into semi-solids. You can enjoy vegan jello and Pudding if you use enough chia seeds. Plus, the pudding and jello will have fiber, which isn’t something that’s there when gelatin’s involved.

Add Them Anywhere

Chia seeds can be added to almost any meal to boost it’s nutritional content. As long as you are able to digest them that is. You can add a table spoon to chile. Your kids won’t even be able to tell they’re there. It’s a great way to get some Omega-3 in them. You know they aren’t going to eat fish.

Get Yours Anywhere

Chia SeedsChia seeds have become so popular that they are now available at the grocery store. You won’t have to stop by whole foods. They’re expensive no matter where you buy them. It might be a little cheaper to buy them in bulk from an online retailer. They won’t spoil, so you might as well.

Grow Your Own Chia Plants

You can sprout most brands of chia seeds that were meant for edible purposes. This can come in handy if you really love them, but really don’t love spending a bunch of money on them. Of course, you should look up how to care for the plant so you can get a full harvest.

Why Haven’t You Tried Them Yet?

chia seedsYou never know how your bodies going to react to something unless you try it. Who knows? The fiber in chia seeds could be the secret to your weight loss troubles. Loads of people have been experiencing the health benefits of chia seeds. Why are you missing out?


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