Are Chia Seeds Safe For Kids?


ChildChildren tend to be picky about what they want to eat. More often than not, parents struggle to make their children eat nutritious and healthy food.

It can be difficult for parents to get children to eat fruits and vegetables as there are many attractive processed foods easily available these days. Thankfully, there is Chia seeds that not only pack in a lot of nutrients and dietary fiber but these can also be added to the foods kids like.

Are Chia Seeds Safe For kids?

The truth is that Chia seeds are extremely safe for kids. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that parents should actively give Chia seeds for their children. These can also be eaten by toddlers, but should be avoided for infants. The best way to give Chia seeds to children is to mix them with other foods. These are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats.

One of the advantages of Chia seeds is that these have nutty flavor which means that your children won’t notice them if you mix it with their favorite food. It is recommended to not give whole seeds to children as it may present a choking hazard. You can always grind up the seeds into a fine powder and add this powder to all the foods they like. Also, you may use this flour of Chia seeds to prepare other dishes.

bread These can also be easily added to burgers, banana bread, puddings, or pumpkins to make them more filling. These seeds can also be used for thickening smoothies or salads and other such foods.

You should also set a good example for your children in terms of your eating habits as children always pickup eating habits from parents.

Benefits Of Chia Seeds For Your Kids

Excellent Source Of Protein

There is approximately 16 g of protein in 100 g of Chia seeds which means that these are an excellent source of protein for kids. As you may be aware, protein is also known as building block of life and kids need a lot of protein for healthy growth.

Good Hydration Source

Chia seeds can absorb a lot of water and these can be a good source of hydration for kids. Many kids do not drink as much water as they should. Adding Chia to their diet will help in keeping hydrated.

High In Fiber

fiberThere is almost 34 g of fiber in 100 g of Chia seeds. Dietary fiber is necessary for a healthy digestive system.

If your children do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, Chia seeds can provide all the dietary fiber needed by the body.

How To Give Chia Seeds To Your Kids?

Chia seeds are available in the back and white varieties. The black ones are whole seeds and it is better to give black seeds to the kids. You do not need to do any special preparation for adding Chia seeds to the other foods. Just let them soak overnight and these will turn to a gel. This gel can be used for smoothies, cookies, cereal and all the other foods that your kids like.

It is important to keep in mind that raw Chia seeds may lead to some digestion problems in children. It is recommended to only give soaked seeds in the form of gel to your kids. As far as the quantity of the seeds is concerned, you should start with mixing 1 to 2 teaspoons with other foods and if your kids do like it, you may increase the quantity after some time.

chia seedsAs mentioned above, you can also grind the Chia seeds to prepare a fine powder that can be added to other flours to prepare cookies or other things.

As mentioned above, Chia seeds have the ability to absorb a lot of water and therefore, it is important for kids to drink a lot of water after eating Chia seeds.

If kids to not drink enough water, it may lead to stomach cramps. Therefore, it is also important to limit the quantity of Chia seeds you give to the kids. Overall, Chia seeds are not only safe for your kids but are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and various other minerals including sodium, calcium and magnesium.


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