Are Chia Seeds Low In Oxalates?


chia seedsThere is a substance called oxalates that are produced and found in both humans and animals.

Sometimes they are present on their own, and other times our bodies will convert different substances into oxalates throughout the day.

Similar to the problems that are associated with enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, oxalates are actually produced by plants with the sole purpose of preserving their existence. When humans eat too many of these, or have too much of them running through their body, it can cause health issues.

If you already have existing problems such as a leaky gut, any type of autoimmune disease, or you are dealing with fibromyalgia or something similar, you do not want to consume foods that contain oxalates.

Although Chia seeds are very beneficial for the human body, many people have wondered if they are high in oxalates. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Chia, and then find out whether or not this potentially destructive substances actually in Chia itself.

Why Chia Is Good for You

chia seeds foodIt should be noted that almost every food that you eat is going to have both benefits and drawbacks.

In the same way that meat is beneficial by providing the body with protein, it can also lead to the potential for developing heart disease.

The same is true for the different types of vegetables and nuts that we consume on a regular basis, of which Chia is considered a superfood. It has this ranking or at least possesses this reputation because of all of the benefits that these seeds have inside.

Many different trace metals including potassium, manganese, calcium and vitamins like niacin and vitamin C can be found in abundance with just a small serving of these central American seeds. You will also get omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates to keep you going throughout the day, and protein for those that either need extra because they are working out, or if they are on a diet that does not allow them to have meat.

These are all of the reasons that you should add Chia seeds to your diet, but there are a couple reasons why they might not be right for you. Let’s take a look at some of the possible side effects that you could experience if you are not taking any Chia right now, and how it could affect certain aspects of your health, or even make problems that you are dealing with a little bit worse.

Possible Side Effects Of Consuming Chia

chia seedsThere are a couple problems that you may run into if you are going to consume Chia regularly. The first problem is bloating or constipation which is actually very rare, but it has been reported with some people.

Another problem that Chia has is that it is that it is very high in oxalates. Most seeds and nuts do have this substance in them, and if you are eating a substantial amount of Chia throughout the day, you could have a significant build up.

However, this can only be a problem if you are already suffering from some type of imbalance in your body. In a normal healthy body, your metabolism and digestive tract will be able to handle the extra oxalates so that they will not become a problem at all.

If you have fat maldigestion problems, suffer from depression, ADHD, or even dyslexia, it is possible that you could exacerbate these conditions by consuming too much Chia which will put more oxalates into your system. Now that you know that Chia does have oxalates, you might want to work your way up to higher doses of these seeds, particularly if you are sick with a compromised immune system.

chia seedsAdditionally, if you are taking antibiotics, which will also diminish the immune system,

Chia should be avoided. Other than these problems that may occur, the benefits far outweigh the potential problems.

You should consider taking Chia as soon as you can, test out how it makes you feel, and monitor if any of the affirmation and disorders that you may currently have flare up or get worse, a clear sign that you should slow down on your consumption of this Central American seed.


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